Animal Intake

Cricket5Animal Intake/Receiving

The Humane Society is a limited-admission facility. Intake will only take place when adoptions allow for the space for new animals. Owners wishing to surrender their pets to the Humane Society must schedule an appointment and are charged a fee. Our fees is to help us subsidize the cost of health and temperament testing the animal and for the cost of food and shelter. We do not receive any tax dollar or governmental support, nor do we hold the City or County animal control contracts. Fees for surrender are $125 for an un-altered animal and $100 for an altered animal. If you need to surrender your pet, please call 269.963.1796 to see if we have space available.

If you have a stray animal, please call animal control dispatch at 269.781.0911.


Lost and Found Registry

HSSCM maintains a database tracking the reports of all lost and found animals in Calhoun County and the surrounding region that are reported to us. If you’ve lost or found a pet, please call 269.963.1796 to file a report. Animal Control does not bring animals to our facility. If your pet is lost, you will also need to make a report to the facility that holds the animal control contracts at 269.963.6582.

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