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Is the Humane Society a no-kill shelter?
The Humane Society of South Central Michigan, no adoptable animal will be euthanized for lack of space. We are a limited admission facility. Once we are full, we do not bring in any new animals until the dogs and cats we have on the adoptable floor are adopted and make room for new animals.

We temperament test all animals at our facility. We will not release an aggressive animal to the public and will euthanize if an animal fails temperament test.

We have a small amount of money through the Bryan Thomas Fund to provide care for sick or injured pets. Once we exhaust that money, or if an animal comes in with insurmountable health issues, we would euthanize based on health.

How do I surrender an animal to the Humane Society?
The Humane Society is a limited-admission shelter. We accept animals by appointment only, as space allows. You must schedule an appointment to bring an animal in to our facility by calling the Animal Care Manager. If the animal is a stray, there is a $50 intake fee. If the animal is an owned, altered animal, the intake fee is $100. If the animal is an owned, unaltered animal, the intake fee is $125.

Is HSSCM a part of HSUS or any other animal shelter?
HSSCM is not affiliated with any other shelter. We are not affiliated with animal control. We are not affiliated with HSUS (nor do we take a stand on hunting or any other HSUS issue. Some members of our board of directors are hunters!). We are an independent 501 (c)3 organization with an independent board of directors. We do not receive governmental or tax dollar support. We operate solely through donations and service revenue.

Why do you charge fees for adoption or surrender?
It costs HSSCM approximately $9 a day to provide care for each dog and cat in our shelter. All animals receive veterinary care as needed, are vaccinated, dewormed, tested (dogs – heartworm, cats – FIV, Felv), spayed or neutered and microchipped. Animals are fed a consistent diet, receive fresh bedding daily and are provided with enrichment opportunities. All animals remain in the facility for as long as it takes to find an appropriate home. Our longest running cat has been in the facility nearly 2.5 years. The initial fee to surrender an animal and the fee to adopt an animal do not cover the costs for the average stay in our facility. We do not receive governmental or tax dollar support.

How do I get help with veterinary costs for my animal?
There is no program in Calhoun County to provide assistance for veterinary needs. HSSCM does not have a full time veterinarian on staff. We are unable to offer any veterinary care for animals owned by the public. Veterinary clinics charge different rates. We suggest you call around for price comparison. Having a good relationship with your veterinarian may make it more likely they could help you with a payment plan.

How does the Humane Society’s adoption process work?
First, you need to come in and fill out HSSCM’s adoption application. Then, you will be able to spend some time visiting with the dog/cat and will speak with an adoption counselor. We will call your personal and veterinary references. (For dogs – if you have a dog in the home, you must bring all dogs with you for a match-up). Everyone who lives in the household must come in to visit with the animal prior to adoption. If everything works out, you’ll fill out the contracts and can take the animal home that same day. All adoption counselings must start no later than half hour before close.

What are the fees to adopt an animal from the Humane Society?
In general, adult cats are $75; kittens are $100. Adult dogs more than 25 pounds are $100; adult dogs 25 pounds or less are $150. Puppies are $200. All animals are spayed or neutered, dewormed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption.

Does the Humane Society have a waiting list for (list animal breed)?
HSSCM does not maintain a waiting list for (yorkies, sphinx, pit bulls, etc.). We post all of our available pets on If you are looking for a specific breed, you can search on petfinder to see all shelters within a specified distance that may have the animal of your selection.

I have lost my animal. Does the Humane Society have it?
HSSCM is not affiliated with animal control. We take in very few stray animals. If animal control picks up your dog (anywhere) or cat (City of Battle Creek and Pennfield Township only), they will take it to the shelter on Union Street. We will fill out a lost report for you and will provide your contact information should someone call with an animal that matches the description you have provided.

I have found an animal. Can the Humane Society take it?
We are a limited admission facility. If we have space available, the fee to bring in a stray animal is $50. If it is a dog you will need to call animal control; the number for animal control dispatch is 269.781.0911. If it is a cat and you live within the city limits of Battle Creek or Pennfield Township, animal control will pick up the cat, as long as it contained. We can scan the animal for a microchip (as can any veterinary office).

How do I volunteer at the Humane Society?
HSSCM relies on our volunteers! If you are at least 16 you can volunteer on your own; under age 16, you need to volunteer with an adult. You will need to stop in and fill out a volunteer application. After you complete that, we will schedule you for an orientation. Orientations take place monthly. After you complete the volunteer orientation, you can self-schedule to volunteer. (however, people are always welcome to go sit in the cat room!).

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